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Thursday, 14 November 2013

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Every little step you toddle is a daring endeavour
Every usual breath you take is an aura of purity
Every single word you say is a deep philosophy
Every minute thing you do is a magic in itself.
You can see life far beyond this materialism
You can sing the beautiful songs of innocence
You can build a uniting bridge out of laughter
You can solve any virtually intricate queries.
I am pleased to be connected with your heart
I am happy that you value every emotion
I am content the way you please me to the core

I am the proud mother of my beautiful infinity.


Behold my trivial life...
to the eternal serenity,
to the soft blossomy path
of myriad blissfulness.
Inspirit my minute soul...
to inherit the harmony,
to pacify material joviality,
and proceed to Nirvana.
Repose my deserted walk...
to some noble contentment,
to beautify the reason,
of this nominal living.
Transform my unnoted death...
to a glorified resolution,
to one positive incentive,
for others to sacrifice.
Honour me and my solitude...
to the best of its value,
to the truthfulness of its limit,

and reborn me to abide.


Don’t want to be here
unwilling to stay there,
where I want to befall
is surely unheard of.
No ocean is empty
waiting for teardrops,
no land is forsaken
with a gleam on the hilltop,
don’t want to be here
unwilling to stay there
yet why this impatience
 spinning round my still life?
No snow of winter is        
 laying so untouched,
no rain on my window
wash away all the torture,
don’t want to be here
unwilling to stay there
But why I keep thinking
there’s something to hold on.
No flowers of spring
gives eternal heaven,
no bird that’s singing
sounds familiar to my ear
don’t want to be here
unwilling to stay there
but why dream of ‘one day’

keep making me breathe on?


I am a shadow,
I am the darkness itself.
Don’t turn off the light...
to avoid an invisible me.
I am a sorrow,
I am the sadness itself.
Don’t shed a tear...
to entice a mighty sea.
I am a last wish,
I am the ending itself.
Don’t desire for more...
as impossible it will be!